Concours-Winning Aria Group Joins Gruppe5 Motorsport Team to Provide Gruppe5 2002 Fit and Finish

  • Aria Group joins Gruppe5 Motorsport team members; Bob and Bill Riley, Steve Dinan and Tom Zajac to create the Gruppe5 2002, the world’s fastest, street-legal racecar

  • Manufacturer of Singer Porsche body and paint process earns Aria the international distinction of producing concours award-winning automobiles

  • Proprietary, carbon fiber, bleed-proof painting process ensures a flawless finish

  • Master craftsmen provide a bespoke, coach-built exterior and interior

IRVINE, CA & CHESTERTON, IN – November 14, 2019 – Aria Group (Aria) and Gruppe5 Motorsport (Gruppe5) announced today that Aria will provide concours-winning fit and finish for the Gruppe5 2002’s interior and exterior.  Aria teams with motorsport elites Bob Riley, Bill Riley and Steve Dinan to transform iconic BMW 2002s into the the world’s fastest street-legal racecar, the Gruppe5 2002.

Aria manufactures the Singer Porsche body and paint finish system, earning Aria the distinction of producing concours award-winning automobiles. The firm’s proprietary, carbon fiber, painting process ensures the Gruppe5 2002’s carbon fiber body receives a flawless finish. Aria's master craftsmen provide a bespoke, coach-built interior while retaining the German minimalist design of the original 2002.        

Interior installation includes a carbon fiber dash, center console, door pull, handles and window cranks. Racetech seats, Alcon sliding pedal box, custom Nardi steering wheel and a MoTec forward-facing camera complete the interior. Seats and door cards are trimmed in Connolly leather.   

Founded by Clive Hawkins, Aria has over 20 years of experience in rapid-manufacturing technology, innovative design and creative engineering. Aria provides cutting-edge industrial design, engineering and manufacturing solutions for the automotive, aerospace and entertainment industries. Under Hawkins’ leadership, Aria has produced complex, pioneering projects for multinational companies including Honda, Toyota, Tesla, Ford, GM, Paramount and Northrop Grumman. Aria Group is headquartered in Irvine California with a research and development center in Michigan.

“We are honored to partner with the Gruppe5 team on this amazing venture,” said Clive Hawkins, President and CEO of Aria Group. “Riley Technologies’ and Steve Dinan’s decades of motorsport dominance combined with Aria’s expertise building best-in-class show cars and vehicle development, place the Gruppe5 2002 in a league of its own.” 

“Clive Hawkins and his team of master craftsmen are among the best in the world,” said Gruppe5 Motorsport Founder, Tom Zajac.  “I'm confident Clive’s team will deliver an extraordinary car that will go beyond expectations."

The inspiration for the Gruppe5 2002 is the 1972 BMW 2002tii owned by Gruppe5 Motorsport Founder, Tom Zajac. It served as his daily driver and weekend warrior for Showroom Stock racing in the early 80s. “Collaborating with motorsport legends, Bill and Bob Riley and Steve Dinan to make my vision a reality is the privilege of a lifetime,” said Tom Zajac.


The Gruppe5 2002 is a limited production, hand-built Riley racecar.  Using FIA-specification components and state-of-the art motorsport technology, Gruppe5 Motorsport provides clients with an exceptionally strong, rigid and light car weighing only 2,200 lbs.  Powered by a Steve Dinan, naturally aspirated BMW engine producing 744-803 hp, the power-to-weight ratio is unmatched.  With exceptional acceleration and cornering, the Gruppe5 is equally at home on racetracks and open roads.