• Carbon Fiber roofs can be ordered for all cars reducing the car center of gravity and lowering weight.

  • Street wheels and tires along with race wheels and tires can be ordered for all cars.

  • RT 9129HRW seats can be ordered on the G/S and G/T cars.

  • A pneumatic jack is available for G/S cars.

  • Inconel race exhaust is available for G/R car increasing performance and decibel levels.This exhaust may not be legal at noise-restricted tracks. Clients should consult their local track prior to ordering.


  • Honoring BMW’s 43-year tradition of commissioning artists to transform factory racecars into functional works of art, clients may work with our in-house artist to create a one-of-a-kind, signed art car.​

  • Chassis sourcing is available. Our German colleague has a limited supply of donor chassis,  suitable for remanufacturing. Chassis are stripped-down racing 2002s that are structurally sound and will not require major rust remediation.