The Gruppe5 2002 is a limited-production, hand-built Riley racecar. Using FIA specification components and state-of-the-art motorsport technology, Gruppe5 Motorsport provides clients with an exceptionally strong, rigid and light car, weighing only 2,200 lbs.


Powered by a Steve Dinan naturally aspirated engine, producing 744-803 hp, the power-to-weight ratio is unmatched in its class. With head-snapping acceleration and cornering, the Gruppe5 2002 is equally at home on racetracks and open roads. 

  • Clients provide a registered BMW 2002 chassis. When the work is complete, the car retains its Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), odometer reading and is legally registered, operated and licensed in the same manner. 

  • Chassis sourcing is available. Our German colleague has a limited supply of donor chassis, suitable for remanufacture. Chassis are stripped-down racing 2002s that are structurally sound and do not require major rust remediation.

  • Cars are disassembled and all bodywork to be replaced is removed. Remaining steel monocoque is trued, acid dipped and E-coated for rust protection. Chassis is reinforced with tubular steel and a safety cage built to FIA Appendix J regulations.​

  • Chassis is shipped to the Aria-Group for fit and finish. Concours-quality paint is applied. Original and custom colors are available. Exterior lights, bright work, and glass are installed, followed by sound attenuation, interior fixtures, and finishes.

  • Interior installation includes Riley AC, and a carbon fiber dash, center counsel and door cards. Racetech seats, harnesses, Alcon adjustable pedal box, Nardi steering wheel, and MoTec forward-facing camera, complete the interior.

  • Completed chassis is returned to Riley Technologies for installation of the engine, driveline, suspension, brakes, plumbing and electronics. 

  • Clients are invited to attend Riley Technologies’ final inspection and track test session. Once the car passes inspections and track testing, Bill Riley will sign and number the car, certifying it as a Riley car.