FIA-Spec Safety Standards

  • Safety cage built to meet FIA Appendix J regulations. Removable cage door bars may be ordered. 

  • Bosch Cup 5 ABS system improves limit braking, allowing the driver to brake deeper into corners for faster lap times.

  • GNTX-R Rear Racing Vision System replaces traditional rear view mirror. System increases field of vision by two times. Individual pixel-optimized camera dramatically reduces glare. 

  • Bosh Collision Avoidance System (CAS-M Light) provides driver visible and audible warnings of approaching cars and the side they are attempting to pass on. 

  • Forward-facing MoTec V2 camera records visual and integrated live-time telemetry for steward review.​

  • FIA 8855-1999 and FIA 8862-2009 compliant seats with 6-point harness and driver nets.

  • FIA certified fuel cell, fire suppression and kill switch.

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